Why Study in Indiana, the "Crossroads of America?"

There’s a reason why we are a Top 10 destination for international students! Indiana is a prime destination for higher education. We are home to exceptional public and private universities and colleges across the state which are among the top institutions in the country. The quality of our degree programs combined with a thriving economy, make Indiana an ideal location for international students to achieve their full academic and professional potential.

While earning a degree in Indiana, you’re surrounded by all kinds of opportunities to grow and emerge greater, including internships, cutting-edge research, experiential learning, museums, music, culture, service, sports, and more. Internships and post-graduation employment opportunities await as Indiana is home to eight fortune 500 companies and has a quickly growing tech sector. This provides students and graduates numerous resources to cultivate your professional career.

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Economics & Careers

Our state is expanding our international economic connections as more businesses choose to locate in Indiana. Check out the Indiana Economic Development Corporation and the International Center to learn more about their fantastic work.


Location & Culture

We are known widely as the ‘crossroads of America’ due to our central location in the United States. We border Lake Michigan and the state of Michigan to the north, Ohio to the east, Kentucky to the south, and Illinois to the west, placing us in the heart of the American Midwest. The people of Indiana are known for their hospitality to people as well as ideas. With open-mindedness and kindheartedness, we support a diverse cultural environment from our vibrant metropolitan areas to our picturesque small towns and peaceful countryside.


Known as a “Sports Mecca”, Indiana is home to the Colts, Pacers, Fever, Indy Eleven, Indy Fuel, PGA tour golf courses, home of the NCAA for collegiate athletics, Nascar, Indycar, and the Indianapolis 500- the world’s largest single day sporting event.

No matter how rabid the fandom, Hoosiers are still known for their hospitality by mixing southern charm with affordable living costs.


Sister Cities & States

Indiana’s cities have created partnerships with “Sister Cities” around the world to further advance cultural, business, and you guessed it, educational exchanges around the world. Check out the below map from our friends at the Indiana Sister Cities organization to see how global our state’s ties go.